Train your dog for its own safety

Having a dog is a wonderful experience. There is a tiny soul waiting for you to come home every day, enjoying the time spent together and melting your heart. Your dog is your friend and companion, but if you want to truly enjoy his or her presence for a long time you should invest in its training. This is a matter of safety, as a well behaved dog will always listen to you and you will be able to better protect him or her from harm’s way.

Total K9 Training

When it comes to experienced dog trainers you can rely on Total K9’s team. Not only do they train dogs but they love and appreciate the canine race.

Total K9 can offer any dog owner training sessions for their pet at home or at the company’s site. It all depends on your requirements, needs and space you have at hand.

One thing to keep in mind is that Total K9 offers training packages for dogs of any age. Whether you want to have a well-trained puppy, you have an adult dog which needs training or a dog with behavioural issues, the team can help you get the best pet your dog can be.

Keep your dog away from harm’s way

And if your canine friend is well trained you can keep him or her away from possible harm. You might be wondering what could possibly happen to my dog? Well, there are some things you need to take into consideration. For example:

Running in front of a car as he doesn’t listen to you when you recall him or her

Running away, again as a sign of misbehaviour

Getting into fights with other dogs

Attacking people passing by you while walking on the street or your guests in your yard or home

All of the above can be avoided when a dog is well trained and behaves properly. A dog can protect you but you need to protect your canine friend too. Keeping him or her away from harm’s way as you might never know who or what can threaten your dog due to its lack of manners and training. It might simply happen when a person or another dog is protecting themselves from your dog, or when your dog rushes away on the street and no matter how many times you recall he or she doesn’t listen to you.

Keeping your dog safe is very much a matter of him or her being well trained. A dog who listens to the owner is a dog you can keep away from harm’s way. And after all, you want to have your canine friend alongside yourself for as many years as possible. So just think about it, as if you invest in training and help correct his or her behaviour, your pet will bring you joy and happiness for a long time ahead.

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Best family dogs

Deciding to get a dog is a big step for every family. When you have a child on the way or you already have kids you need to know which are the best dog breeds for your household. With websites such as MyPetzilla offering pets for sale you can get information on all breeds registered in the UK and find the perfect dog breed for your family. When it comes to best family dogs, here are the ones most recommended:
Bulldogbuldog mypetzila

Loving and gentle pets, they are also great guard dogs. Having a lot of patience, the bulldog makes a great companion for small children throwing things around. Your dog will pick them up, fetch them and continue playing with the little ones.
An energetic breed, the beagle is a great match for children who love to play outside. You will not need to worry about putting your kids to sleep as this dog will tire them enough to need a good nap or night sleep. The beagle is a friendly dog, making him or her an amazing choice for families and will grow a strong bond to both the little ones and the parents.
This pet is a gentle and very well behaved breed. They are easy to train making them a suitable choice for families who have never had a dog before. Collies are great friends with children, obey their owners and love to protect the household they are a part of.
Labrador Retrievergolden retriever mypetzilla

These dogs are playful and patient at the same time, they are loving, reliable and protective of their families. Highly intelligent, the breed is very easy to train. Make sure you have a lot of space for this pet as they love exercise and will make a great playground companion for your children. In addition, their strength and obedience makes them a very popular breed.
Golden Retriever
Smart and kind, confident and loyal, these are the attributes making the Golden Retriever such a loved dog breed. Their inexhaustible patience is why they are a great match for small children. They also love to play so will enjoy having fun with your little ones. This dog is very affectionate so he or she will care a whole lot about your kids as they will in return.
And while these are just brief information about five breeds, there are other dog breeds which are suitable for a household with children. And if you’ve already made your mind on a type of dog, visit MyPetzilla at the dog breed section and find more useful information about your favourite dog species. As before you decide to adopt or purchase a dog, you should be aware of its traits, needs and training method so that you can make the best choice for your home.

5 Dog Breed Ideas to get for your kid

“Dogs are man’s best friend” says a famous quote and it couldn’t be more right. A dog will always love you no matter how you look, what your age is or how much money do you have. It is hard to find someone who will be your friend unconditionally and this is probably the reason why dogs are so loved in our society, because they will always be your friend.

Naturally anyone who has kids wants them to be happy and a pet is always a good way to make your kid happy, regardless if it’s a boy or a girl. Getting a dog will probably mean you’ve just made that day the happiest of their life and the dog will always be a lasting part of the childhood, a fond memory that they can go back to when they grow up.

So, now that we’ve settled that getting a pet dog for your kid is an undeniable good idea if you have a small yard or the space available, the question comes: what dog breed should you get for your kid? What is the best dog breed that will suit your kid’s personality, should it be a big scary dog? Or should it be a small, cute and always lovable puppy? Depending on what you want, the below dog breeds can be your ideal pet dog.

1.The Dachshund, or Miniature Dachshund, sometimes also called the “Weiner dog”, is a little body filled with a courageous personality. If you want a dog that will love to give you endless kisses then this is the loyal lap dog for you. They usually require minimal grooming as they are short haired, but beware when friends are visiting because they are usually unfriendly with strangers.
2.The Boston Terrier, is a playful dog with a big dog feel but delivered in a small package. This is a black and white dog breed that require easy grooming, are usually smart and very quick to learn but can sometimes have snorting problems due to their famous short nose.
3.Keeshond, is a fluffy family friendly breed. It’s a dog breed which looks a lot like a Husky, but a smaller cuter version. They are attention-craving which can be really good for your energetic kid and are a usually great playmates, but require regular brushing.
4.Golden Retriever. A classic choice for many families, this dog breed is one of the most famous and loved breeds out there, and it’s hard not to understand why. This is a fun and friendly dog breed making it an ideal friend and play partner for any kid. They generally need a lot of exercise but they love to play outdoors.
5.Bichon Frise. Last but not least, we must not forget about the adorable Bichon Frise. These small white puffballs are always a good choice. If you are confused or you simply don’t want to learn that much about dog breeds, go with the Bichon Frise and you will always win. They love being around kids as they offer as much energy as require. They do require regular grooming but they don’t shed.

So there we have it, 5 dog breed that are suitable for your kid. If you like one of these dog breeds try searching for more info about them before committing to bringing a puppy home and once you are sure about your decision and you are aware of the responsibility a dog carries, and then feel free to make your kid happy. You can use to search for dog breeds in UK. Bring home that puppy and let the magic between him and your kid unravel, as it will be an especially memorable day for your kid, but also for you.

Required Goods – Crafted of solid oak- furniture to last for a lifetime

Having a modern home with personalized aspects is what many of us are looking for today. Nevertheless sometimes one needs some classical items which maintain their beauty over the years in order to feel that the interior design matches the trends and transcends over time with the same good looking aspect.

solid oak furniture for bedroom

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Stay in a privately owned villa and enjoy a small winter holiday

Renting a privately owned villa when going in vacation is an amazing solution for all those who want to have the comfort they have at home while being on holiday. Hotels can be overcrowded, noisy and having only one room is sometimes not enough. Having the space and privacy that only a home can offer is easier to reach when deciding to stay in villa or apartment that has owners who decide to rent them to travelers.

vida villas townhouse
image credit: Vida Villas

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Love your dog, five reasons to invest in training

A dog makes a great pet and a friend for life. No matter the breed, any owner can enjoy the love and the loyalty a canine friend can offer. Yet, in order to have the best version of your dog you need to invest in training him or her. Why? Below are five reasons most owners and trainers consider important for having a loving pet.


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The dog is said to be man’s best friend

The dog is said to be man’s best friend. So adopting or buying a dog will bring joy and love to your life and will make it feel complete. But a dog needs attention and needs to be well trained to be the companion you need.
Training a dog is not a simple act for the regular Joe so if you care about your dog and want him or her to be loyal, listening and trustful the best choice at hand is to hire a specialist. One of the most renowned training service providers in the UK is TotalK9. All trainers are proud dog lovers and very proud of the work they do. When it comes to dogs this team will lovingly coach them into being the best pet or protection dog your canine friend can be.
Don’t deceive yourself that you can train your dog better than anyone if you don’t have the experience to do so. Be confident that a specialised training provider such as TotalK9 will do the job for you. And trust that your dog will not be submitted but he will obey you and still be a free spirit and love you more.
For those of you who love and respect your canine friend use a specialised training coach for the best friend there is, your dog.

Being with other people and enjoying the wonders of the nature

In a time where kids would rather play video games or computer games and have very poor skills when it comes to interacting with other children there is an increased need in getting your small ones to enjoy open air activities, being with other people and enjoying the wonders of the nature around.

Seeking the best place to go with your family might seem a challenging thing to do but luckily there are websites and recreation spots that are both at hand can guide you to in the right direction when planning a holiday with your little ones. A handy assistant is that provides you with fun attractions in your living area.

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Interiors, new furniture and a happy space for our family

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