Holiday in Mallorca

I will write about a nice company that prepared a nice villa for my family.

Vida Villas was able to offer us a holiday that was a bit more special that what you were used to. Classic Spanish villas can be yours for a short period of time or more. Book one of their private rental villas or apartments and enjoy some quality time with your family or group of friends because there is something for everyone. Capacities vary from four to twenty four people so make your pick now and book your memorable Mallorca holiday.colin-PP-villa-0011

With over one hundred and fifty holiday villas available for rent in Mallorca, Vida Villas is one of the recommended companies to contact when looking for holiday in Mallorca. If you prefer an apartment over a villa or maybe even a town house then you don’t have to worry as these types of properties are also available for rent, together with several extra services like transport from the airport to the accommodation, car hire, boat hire and many more.

Vida Villas provides above average holiday villas in Mallorca for rent. The offer is varied going from small villas for up to four people to huge mansions that can accommodate twenty four people. Additional services such as car hire, boat hire, private chef and other luxury services are available if required.

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