Spider Solitaire possibly the most popular game EVER

Spider Solitaire Short Introduction

Spider Solitaire is an extremely popular game of cards that can easily help you pass the time. The main goal of the game is to remove all cards from the table by assembling them in the layout. The assembling must be done before removing them.
The game starts by dealing 54 cards in ten piles with the face down, except for the top cards. The tableau piles are built down by rank and the in-suit sequences can be moves together. When none of the piles are empty then the remaining fifty cards can be dealt ten at a time to the tableau.
There are different variants that can be played such as Gigantic Spider with four decks, Relaxed Spider which does not require all spaces to be filled before re-dealing, Spiderwort with three decks or Spiderette with only one pack.

The digital versions of the game are somewhat similar to the hands-on game but a few differences exist. In the Windows or Online versions of Spider Solitaire you start with a score of five hundred and calculated from there. One point is being taken for each move and one hundred points are added for each removed set. In theory this scoring version can reach a maximum of 1254 points if assuming that all fifty cards from the decks are dealt into place. If you complete four sets of the same color a bonus of one hundred points is gained. SpiderSolitaire.co.uk is the better choice for playing Spider Solitaire on Windows and in online. This is a website without advertisements and pop-ups that will not let you enjoy the game. It has been designed from the start as a website that will enable you enjoy Spider Solitaire for what it is, a great cards game without having to actually have cards.
Be sure to check also the Spider Solitaire game variations such as Red Spider Solitaire, Spider Solitaire Arkadium or Spade Solitaire that are available at Spider Solitaire.co.uk for new experiences.

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