Interiors, new furniture and a happy space for our family

It wasn’t easy for us to decide on a fitted furniture supplier but we have found one.

Capital Bedrooms is a fitted furniture manufacturer with over a decade of experience in the fitted furniture industry. They offer a solid guarantee on the fitted wardrobe, fitted kitchens and fitted bedrooms they deliver of ten years! Yes, you read that right;

Capital Bedrooms offers a ten year guarantee on the finished product and an equally impressive ten year guarantee on labour, which is more than enough to impress even the most sceptical potential customer.

The icing on the cake! Is a term used for your clever internal solutions, because this is where you the customers has the ultimate choice, do you or don’t you! and most people do want the special pull down hanging rail for tall wardrobe use, the pull out mirror that is hidden in the wardrobes out of the way but pulls out when you want to use it and neatly pops back out of the way. And there are many more beautiful surprises, the pull out shoe racks come in 5 to 6 different styles to suit your personal tastes, the pull out trouser rack for convenience and the slim jewellery or belt/ tie draw and last of all the laundry basket for those who like to be really organised.

On the other end a similar company providing bespoke bedrooms in Hounslow is Supreme Bedrooms.

Capital Bedrooms is a fitted bedrooms supplier that is recommended due to some impressive numbers they come with. For instance they have on offer over one thousand different types of colour and finishes, backed-up by standard soft-close German accessories, full carcasses made out of solid MFC with a width of eighteen millimetres and a ten year guarantee on the fitted kitchens, fitted wardrobes or fitted bedrooms delivered.