Looking to buy an antique fireplace or the reproduction version?

Antique fireplaces can go by many names around the world, from chimneypiece and kamine to cheminee or mantelpiece, but they are still basically the same thing. They can be used to greatly influence the style of a room or come in the aid of existing features.

Usually considered an important architectural feature in the interior of different homes, for many people buying an antique fireplace helps them get a complete different feeling when entering a room. They can induce a sense of mystery

as a structure that has existed for hundreds of years and that has seen a lot of routines of the past.

Over the centuries there were a lot of styles of fireplaces that came to fashion and as years went by people were keeping up with the fireplaces and stoves trends. Looking back now, we consider these different styles of antique fireplaces. These include architectural influences that are widely known as Renaissance style, Palladian, Baroque, Neo Gothic, Jacobean and many, many more available at ThornhillGalleries.co.uk.

If you own a property that was built in a certain period and want to install an old looking antique fireplace then it’s best to suit the fireplace style with the period that the house was built in. You can also add small features that will give it a complementary modern touch, but that’s up to you and what you really want to have in your own home.

The style of a fireplace is not the only thing to consider when purchasing through, the scale and dimension of the structure needs to be suitable with the dimensions of the room you will be installing it. The antique fireplaces that are going to be too big or too small for a room will not only look bad, but instead of improving a room it can do more damage instead.

Take the dimension factor into consideration when purchasing an antique fireplace. Be careful at the height, width and depth of the room when deciding for the fireplace dimensions and if possible do your best to consult an expert. It’s always good to have an opinion from a person who knows what he’s talking about. Photo Thornhill Galleries.

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Materials are also very important. The material from which a chimneypiece has been built is essential for a beautiful looking piece. It first and foremost needs to match the style in which the fireplace has been built, however whatever the material, the most sought after antique fireplaces on the market have a debt to neoclassicism.

If material is something that you do keep a close eye on but you simply can’t find the materials you need to suit the style and type of fireplace you want, you can easily find reproduction pieces or fabricators who use drawings to for coming up with the design.

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