Love your dog, five reasons to invest in training

A dog makes a great pet and a friend for life. No matter the breed, any owner can enjoy the love and the loyalty a canine friend can offer. Yet, in order to have the best version of your dog you need to invest in training him or her. Why? Below are five reasons most owners and trainers consider important for having a loving pet.


First, training your dog leads to a stronger bond between the two of you. Dogs are ancestors of wolves, meaning they have a natural need of a leader to follow. A trained dog will recognize the owner as a leader thus respecting and trusting you. A trained dog will follow the owner’s lead so the relationship between the two will be more secure, stronger and will ensure order at home.


Second, training will help your dog avoid problem behavior. If your pet learns how to behave in the human world it will help him or her understand the role they have as part of the family. In addition, negative behavior can be avoided if time is invested in training that helps the dog learn how to act, it’s important to teach your pet not to be aggressive with your family members or friends and also not to chew shoes or dig in the yard.


Third, a trained dog is a free dog. Unlike a wild pet that you must keep most of the time in a leash, a trained dog will know how to behave, will know what he or she can do and won’t need to be tied up in order for the owner to enjoy some peace around home. Also, a trained dog will respect you no matter where you go and will listen to you so you won’t need to be afraid that it would run away or attack people or other animals.


Another important aspect is that a trained dog is a beloved family member. As your pet will be obedient and respect all of your family, both grown-ups and children will be able to enjoy and benefit from the spirit and the loving heart of a dog.


Last but not least, a trained dog is safer than an untrained one. Being respectful and considering the owner as his or her leader, a trained pet will always listen to your cues and you won’t need to worry about them running wild in the streets, as a trained dog will always listen to you when you recall him or her back to you.


If you truly love and appreciate your dog invest time in training him or her. If you are not able to do that on your own, you can get in touch and count on the help of professional dog trainers such as TotalK9, to correct and improve your pet’s character so that it would really be the best dog, even better the best friend you and your family can have around your home.