Stay in a privately owned villa and enjoy a small winter holiday

Renting a privately owned villa when going in vacation is an amazing solution for all those who want to have the comfort they have at home while being on holiday. Hotels can be overcrowded, noisy and having only one room is sometimes not enough. Having the space and privacy that only a home can offer is easier to reach when deciding to stay in villa or apartment that has owners who decide to rent them to travelers.

vida villas townhouse
image credit: Vida Villas

Make no confusion, deciding upon such accommodation does not mean the owners will always be close by, it means that they give away their property for a week or two and those who are on holiday can make themselves at home while enjoying being away travelling.

image credit: Vida Villas
image credit: Vida Villas


For all who enjoy being away on an island, be it summer, be it winter, I have a proposition for you. Go see Mallorca. The weather is warmer there and you don’t need to have too much language and drown in your clothes.

If you are wondering why I am suggesting visiting the Balearic Island out of season, the answer I have is that Mallorca is not over crowded and there are some activities to do there as winter is not at harsh as it is in more Nordic parts of Europe.

Mallorca white wine brands
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Wine lovers, you have wine tours across the island and enjoy the small wine boutiques. Due to the variety of soil, on the island you can find 300 different wines you can taste and enjoy. Do you like hiking or cycling? You can do these activities even from October to April on the beautiful Balearic Island. The landscape and the roads provide you with the perfect set up for climbing rocks or riding the bike. For those of you who adore flowers, at the end of January, beginning of February the almond trees blossom giving you romantic and serene scenery. There are around four million almond trees on the island so satisfaction is guaranteed. And after all, why not simply go on a city break to Palma, with wonderful views of the Mediterranean and plenty of galleries to visit.

Mallorca almond blossom


And if you want to make your staying a cozy and relaxing one, choose to stay in one of the Vida Villas properties for rent. Whether you like the hustle and bustle of the city or choose to spend your holiday in a villa near the beach, this family owned business provides you with more than one thousand properties to choose from so that you can truly have an outstanding experience.  You can choose from 2 bedrooms properties such as Can Jaime La font, Olive Estate, Apartment Diana or even 5 bedrooms such as Finca Marta, Villa Las Palmeras, Cactus and list goes one with various properties with two to twelve bedrooms, villas, townhouses and apartments that guarantee comfort and homey feeling .

Can Jaime La Font - Vida Villas
Can Jaime La Font – Vida Villas
Finca Marta - Vida Villas
Finca Marta – Vida Villas


Vida Villas is a family owned business, and they have experienced travelling and staying in privately owned properties which is why they strive to offer you the best experience of this type of accommodation. In addition, along with the beautiful villas and houses, Vida Villas provides you with privet chefs, chauffeur services and nanny services so that you can truly relax and detach.

If this does not convince you, visit their website and find out for yourself what your winter holiday can feel like.

People are sometimes reluctant in taking a holiday in January or February but it might be just the right choice and a new experience that will help you break away from the routine and do something you might have never tried before. And if you are not necessarily a cold weather lover, Mallorca comes as a great and relaxing option.