5 Dog Breed Ideas to get for your kid

“Dogs are man’s best friend” says a famous quote and it couldn’t be more right. A dog will always love you no matter how you look, what your age is or how much money do you have. It is hard to find someone who will be your friend unconditionally and this is probably the reason why dogs are so loved in our society, because they will always be your friend.

Naturally anyone who has kids wants them to be happy and a pet is always a good way to make your kid happy, regardless if it’s a boy or a girl. Getting a dog will probably mean you’ve just made that day the happiest of their life and the dog will always be a lasting part of the childhood, a fond memory that they can go back to when they grow up.

So, now that we’ve settled that getting a pet dog for your kid is an undeniable good idea if you have a small yard or the space available, the question comes: what dog breed should you get for your kid? What is the best dog breed that will suit your kid’s personality, should it be a big scary dog? Or should it be a small, cute and always lovable puppy? Depending on what you want, the below dog breeds can be your ideal pet dog.

1.The Dachshund, or Miniature Dachshund, sometimes also called the “Weiner dog”, is a little body filled with a courageous personality. If you want a dog that will love to give you endless kisses then this is the loyal lap dog for you. They usually require minimal grooming as they are short haired, but beware when friends are visiting because they are usually unfriendly with strangers.
2.The Boston Terrier, is a playful dog with a big dog feel but delivered in a small package. This is a black and white dog breed that require easy grooming, are usually smart and very quick to learn but can sometimes have snorting problems due to their famous short nose.
3.Keeshond, is a fluffy family friendly breed. It’s a dog breed which looks a lot like a Husky, but a smaller cuter version. They are attention-craving which can be really good for your energetic kid and are a usually great playmates, but require regular brushing.
4.Golden Retriever. A classic choice for many families, this dog breed is one of the most famous and loved breeds out there, and it’s hard not to understand why. This is a fun and friendly dog breed making it an ideal friend and play partner for any kid. They generally need a lot of exercise but they love to play outdoors.
5.Bichon Frise. Last but not least, we must not forget about the adorable Bichon Frise. These small white puffballs are always a good choice. If you are confused or you simply don’t want to learn that much about dog breeds, go with the Bichon Frise and you will always win. They love being around kids as they offer as much energy as require. They do require regular grooming but they don’t shed.

So there we have it, 5 dog breed that are suitable for your kid. If you like one of these dog breeds try searching for more info about them before committing to bringing a puppy home and once you are sure about your decision and you are aware of the responsibility a dog carries, and then feel free to make your kid happy. You can use https://www.mypetzilla.co.uk/dog-breeds to search for dog breeds in UK. Bring home that puppy and let the magic between him and your kid unravel, as it will be an especially memorable day for your kid, but also for you.