Best family dogs

Deciding to get a dog is a big step for every family. When you have a child on the way or you already have kids you need to know which are the best dog breeds for your household. With websites such as MyPetzilla offering pets for sale you can get information on all breeds registered in the UK and find the perfect dog breed for your family. When it comes to best family dogs, here are the ones most recommended:
Bulldogbuldog mypetzila

Loving and gentle pets, they are also great guard dogs. Having a lot of patience, the bulldog makes a great companion for small children throwing things around. Your dog will pick them up, fetch them and continue playing with the little ones.
An energetic breed, the beagle is a great match for children who love to play outside. You will not need to worry about putting your kids to sleep as this dog will tire them enough to need a good nap or night sleep. The beagle is a friendly dog, making him or her an amazing choice for families and will grow a strong bond to both the little ones and the parents.
This pet is a gentle and very well behaved breed. They are easy to train making them a suitable choice for families who have never had a dog before. Collies are great friends with children, obey their owners and love to protect the household they are a part of.
Labrador Retrievergolden retriever mypetzilla

These dogs are playful and patient at the same time, they are loving, reliable and protective of their families. Highly intelligent, the breed is very easy to train. Make sure you have a lot of space for this pet as they love exercise and will make a great playground companion for your children. In addition, their strength and obedience makes them a very popular breed.
Golden Retriever
Smart and kind, confident and loyal, these are the attributes making the Golden Retriever such a loved dog breed. Their inexhaustible patience is why they are a great match for small children. They also love to play so will enjoy having fun with your little ones. This dog is very affectionate so he or she will care a whole lot about your kids as they will in return.
And while these are just brief information about five breeds, there are other dog breeds which are suitable for a household with children. And if you’ve already made your mind on a type of dog, visit MyPetzilla at the dog breed section and find more useful information about your favourite dog species. As before you decide to adopt or purchase a dog, you should be aware of its traits, needs and training method so that you can make the best choice for your home.