Train your dog for its own safety

dogs barking total k9 london

Having a dog is a wonderful experience. There is a tiny soul waiting for you to come home every day, enjoying the time spent together and melting your heart. Your dog is your friend and companion, but if you want to truly enjoy his or her presence for a long time you should invest in its training. This is a matter of safety, as a well behaved dog will always listen to you and you will be able to better protect him or her from harm’s way.

Total K9 Training

When it comes to experienced  protection dog trainers you can rely on Total K9’s team. Not only do they train dogs but they love and appreciate the canine race.

Total K9 can offer any dog owner training sessions for their pet at home or at the company’s site. It all depends on your requirements, needs and space you have at hand.

One thing to keep in mind is that TOTAL K9 offers training packages for dogs of any age. Whether you want to have a well-trained puppy, you have an adult dog which needs training or a dog with behavioural issues, the team can help you get the best pet your dog can be.

Keep your dog away from harm’s way

And if your canine friend is well trained you can keep him or her away from possible harm. You might be wondering what could possibly happen to my dog? Well, there are some things you need to take into consideration. For example:

Running in front of a car as he doesn’t listen to you when you recall him or her

Running away, again as a sign of misbehaviour

Getting into fights with other dogs

Attacking people passing by you while walking on the street or your guests in your yard or home

All of the above can be avoided when a dog is well trained and behaves properly. A dog can protect you but you need to protect your canine friend too. Keeping him or her away from harm’s way as you might never know who or what can threaten your dog due to its lack of manners and training. It might simply happen when a person or another dog is protecting themselves from your dog, or when your dog rushes away on the street and no matter how many times you recall he or she doesn’t listen to you.

Keeping your dog safe is very much a matter of him or her being well trained. A dog who listens to the owner is a dog you can keep away from harm’s way. And after all, you want to have your canine friend alongside yourself for as many years as possible. So just think about it, as if you invest in training and help correct his or her behaviour, your pet will bring you joy and happiness for a long time ahead.

dogs barking total k9 london