Being with other people and enjoying the wonders of the nature

In a time where kids would rather play video games or computer games and have very poor skills when it comes to interacting with other children there is an increased need in getting your small ones to enjoy open air activities, being with other people and enjoying the wonders of the nature around.

Seeking the best place to go with your family might seem a challenging thing to do but luckily there are websites and recreation spots that are both at hand can guide you to in the right direction when planning a holiday with your little ones. A handy assistant is that provides you with fun attractions in your living area.

Family attractions

If you do choose to take on this road then we would recommend Family Days Out as they have a cool and most importantly fast loading website that contain countless offers and best deals for local and regional attractions, theme parks, outdoor places to go with kids and so on near you. You just need to select the state you want to travel in, filter the age category to suit your family and be ready to be surprised. Continue reading “Family attractions”

Are family holidays still worth it?

06qna-2-blog480You must probably think now that this is a silly question to ask, but reading the following might make you change your mind. You see, when you think of a holiday with your family and kids you get that idealistic view that everything will be perfect and that you’ll have some quality time reading your favorite book on the beach, however keep in mind that a good holiday needs good preparation and an acceptable amount of spending money.

Before calling a travel agency to book your holiday you probably will do like me and Continue reading “Are family holidays still worth it?”

Advantages of family holidays

Peak Hike on American Basin Trail
Peak Hike on American Basin Trail

Family holidays are an undisputed source of happy memories for children and parents alike, and the benefits extend beyond the actual holiday period.

Some of the happiest memories we all have are from holidays spent together with our family. A recent study conducted by the Family Holiday Association found that half of the people admitted their happiest memories are comprised from holidays spent with their family.

The director of the Family Holiday Association, John McDonald, said: “This research is the cast iron evidence we have long known to be true and demonstrates the incredible, positive impacts on the family and wider society that a break away from the daily grind can bring.”

Additional benefits have been demonstrated further to the Continue reading “Advantages of family holidays”