5 Dog Breed Ideas to get for your kid

“Dogs are man’s best friend” says a famous quote and it couldn’t be more right. A dog will always love you no matter how you look, what your age is or how much money do you have. It is hard to find someone who will be your friend unconditionally and this is probably the reason why dogs are so loved in our society, because they will always be your friend. Continue reading “5 Dog Breed Ideas to get for your kid”

Love your dog, five reasons to invest in training

A dog makes a great pet and a friend for life. No matter the breed, any owner can enjoy the love and the loyalty a canine friend can offer. Yet, in order to have the best version of your dog you need to invest in training him or her. Why? Below are five reasons most owners and trainers consider important for having a loving pet.


First, Continue reading “Love your dog, five reasons to invest in training”

The dog is said to be man’s best friend

The dog is said to be man’s best friend. So adopting or buying a dog will bring joy and love to your life and will make it feel complete. But a dog needs attention and needs to be well trained to be the companion you need.
Training a dog is not a simple act for the regular Joe so if you care about your dog and want him or her to be loyal, listening and trustful the best choice at hand is to hire a specialist. One of the most renowned training service providers in the UK is TotalK9. All trainers are proud dog lovers and very proud of the work they do. When it comes to dogs this team will lovingly coach them into being the best pet or protection dog your canine friend can be.
Don’t deceive yourself that you can train your dog better than anyone if you don’t have the experience to do so. Be confident that a specialised training provider such as TotalK9 will do the job for you. And trust that your dog will not be submitted but he will obey you and still be a free spirit and love you more.
For those of you who love and respect your canine friend use a specialised training coach for the best friend there is, your dog.

We love Total K9 and their dogs!

We love Total K9!

They gave us our little dog that we love so much.

Total K9 is one of the most respected dog training companies in Britain. They are set in Yorkshire in a countryside spanning over eighty acres. If you ever attend their courses you will understand that what they achieve is not only helping you improve your relationship with your dog and increasing your control over him but it is actually Continue reading “We love Total K9 and their dogs!”